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Technician Day!

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How to make teaching Pharmacology fun!
Nov 18, 6:00 PM CST
Zoom meeting
Join author and PTEC member Tony Guerra for a session on how to make teaching Pharmacology fun! Tony will be giving away free books so you won’t want to miss this one!
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Member Spotlight

Denise Frank

Denise, you are truly an expert in your field! We are always thankful for the experience and knowledge you bring in online curriculum and 340B pharmacies. Our membership benefits greatly from your willingness to mentor and teach. 

National Pharmacy Week (October 17 – 23, 2021) acknowledges the invaluable contributions pharmacists and technicians make to the healthcare team and their leadership in ensuring that the patients at your hospital and health system receive optimal outcomes from their medications.


Please join ASHP to highlight your pharmacy colleagues and their dedication and resilience under the theme Pharmacy Strong.


As Pharmacy Week approaches, you can show your support by getting the word out using ASHP’s digital toolkit. 

  • Get social: Post Pharmacy Week shareable images and messages on your social channels and on your digital signs. Use the hashtag #pharmacyweek.

  • Spread the word: Include a Pharmacy Week article or web banner in your organization’s newsletter.

  • Share the video: Play one of the animated videos on your organization’s television network to explain the ways pharmacists work with physicians and nurses to care for patients in hospitals and clinics, and how pharmacists help you take your medications safely.

We Need You!
PTEC Board of Directors is seeking an Executive Director


Please copy and paste your statement of interest in the field below AND email your CV/Resume to Kari Gibson at president@pharmacytecheducators.com

Thanks for submitting!

PTEC is now accepting applications for the volunteer role of Executive Director.  This is a vital role to the organization, as the individual seeks to further the goals of the organization by providing leadership structure and proactively identifies industry changes that will impact pharmacy technician education.  

Position Purpose:

The Executive Director is accountable to the Board of Directors for

1) the achievement of the Board’s priorities for the organization and

2) to run the day to day business of the organization.


The Executive Director shall be the Council’s highest ranking non-volunteer and shall be directly responsible to the Board for executing the duties and responsibilities of the position in a manner which promotes the Council’s policies, goals and objective as established by the Board. 




APhA and Walmart have partnered to create and offer the Pain Management CPE Program. Check it out! It's free!


PTEC Member Activities




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Annual continuing education conferences held around the United States.

Virtual collaboration and innovation with like-minded professionals through discussion forms.

Through advocacy for rigorous education and training for pharmacy technicians.

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