2021 Conference Sponsor Registration
Jul 26, 7:00 AM CDT
Online Event

Frequently asked questions

Why should I be a sponsor for the PTEC Virtual Conference?

Sponsorship offers great visibility for all of our attendees and opens an opportunity for networking with these individuals away from their busy workplaces. As a sponsor, you will:

  • Gain exposure to a highly targeted audience of current pharmacy technician educators who are committed to improving patient care and are seeking new ideas and solutions.
  • Network with attendees, faculty and speakers in a dynamic and collaborative environment.
  • Launch and demonstrate new products and services.
  • Develop sales leads that will continue to deliver business long after the seminar is over.
  • Meet and build rapport with key individuals and new prospects.

What will my schedule look like as a Sponsor?

We will have presentation time slots available on the 26th and 27th (schedule TBD once we see how many presenters we will have). You can obtain a reservation for a 45 min slot on by purchasing the Deluxe Sponsorship Package (see below for cost information). Additionally, we will have one encompassing virtual meeting on the last day of the conference, Jul 30, where members can join breakout rooms for each vendor and ask any last questions they have before the end of the conference.

How many attendees do you expect to have?

We expect about 100-150 attendees.

Besides presenting my product/service, what other opportunities are available to me?

Each Deluxe package vendor will receive a list of attendees for the conference on the first day, Jul 26. Also, Deluxe package vendors will have their own webpage on our dedicated conference site and on our main webpage. (Check out these examples) You (or your representative) should send us anything you want posted there. Think big! Information in text form, survey links, links to webpages, videos, sign up form links, social media information, testimonials, documents. Almost anything can be posted there in some way! Our webmaster will work directly with you to create a personalized webpage for you. This webpage will stay up on our main website for one year (until the next Conference)!

What sponsor packages are available?

Although we cannot offer the traditional exhibit hall experience, we will have opportunities for you to interact with our attendees, present your products, and answer questions. We have two sponsorship packages available: Deluxe Sponsorship ($300) This package includes listing (name and contact information) as a conference sponsor and also includes 45 minutes of dedicated time with attendees via Zoom meeting. This session will be recorded and placed on the conference website for attendees to review after the fact as well. Your company will be listed as an Industry Partner on the PTEC Conference Website as well as the main PTEC Website. This feature will include any advertisement graphics you would like to include, product description sent by your company, and the name and contact information for your company. You will also have time on the last day of the conference to interact with attendees in a shared Zoom meeting space. You will receive TWO conference registration slots with this package. This means that you will have the opportunity to send two attendees to the CE sessions where they will be eligible to claim CE. You will be contacted to gather their information before the conference begins. Basic Sponsorship ($150) This package includes listing your company as a sponsor on the PTEC Conference Website (Name, Contact Information, and Logo only). You will receive 10% off your conference registration should you choose to register to claim CE for the event.

I still have questions, who should I contact?

For any questions please contact Kari Gibson, PTEC President-Elect, at presidentelect@pharmacytecheducators.com