Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Conference

Frequently Asked Questions about our Annual Conference. 

What Should I Pack?

We recommend packing business casual attire for the conference. Also, we recommend packing a laptop or tablet that you can use to take notes and follow along with the presentations. Wifi will be provided for you during the conference and you will receive the log in information at the start of the conference. You may also consider bringing a notepad or other paper to take notes during the presentations. If you are attending the Meet And Greet event, bring your organization's swag! Everyone likes swapping cool swag items! Finally, bring some business cards! We guarantee you'll meet some fellow members that you'd like to stay in contact with after the conference. 

Are meals provided during the conference?

Yes! Some meals and snacks are provided during the conference. This includes breakfast, lunch, and snacks on conference days. Refer to the Schedule-At-A-Glance to see which days specifically. This schedule will generally be posted within two weeks of the conference. 

Is transportation provided from the airport?

No, please plan to share a ride, Uber, Lyft, or call a Taxi for transportation between the airport and the hotel. 


What is PTEC?

PTEC is the only national not-for-profit professional association founded by pharmacy technician educators, for pharmacy technicians educators. For over 20 years, PTEC has worked with national, state, and local professional associations and education providers to promote a single standard for pharmacy technician education. While other organizations may exist, we are the longest running and most established in the industry.

Where do I find a pharmacy technician programs?

There are programs at trade schools, community and private colleges. For a listing of accredited programs, click here.

What kind of educational materials do instructors use?

PTEC members share knowledge, curriculum, and information on our website about their successful programs. Many publishers also have textbook resources.

Do I need a teaching certificate to teach a pharmacy technician program?

Many schools ahere to strict accreditation guidelines established by the authorized regional and national accrediting bodies. In many cases, schools require more than three-years full-time work experience, a college degree, national certification and/or registration/licensure with your State Board of Pharmacy.  It's best to contact the school in which you are interested to see what they require to join the faculty.

How do I efficiently handle all the documentation required for accreditation?

One method of handling required documentation and paperwork required for accreditation is to utilize a Learning Management System (such as Moodle, Blackboard, Angel, etc) and require students to submit assignments through the system.  Such a LMS allows the instructor to annotate and grade assignments.  The system also likely allows for analyses of assessments.  Another method of handling the required documentation is to utilize a software program such as Microsoft Excel or Access.

What is the best way to keep up to date with trends in the pharmacy profession?

There are several ways to keep current with the trends in the pharmacy profession.  One, read trade journals (such as Drug Topics, Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare, etc.).  Secondly, attend pharmacy related conferences (such as ASHP  or AAPT).

Where may I locate an equipment listing for the items needed in my pharmacy lab?

Some states have required equipment regulations in their pharmacy practice act.  By reading your state's requirement, you should be able to discern what is required.  Also, by understanding what is required in the ASHP accreditation standard, one should be able to determine other items needed in a pharmacy lab setting.  Finally, utilize various pharmacy technician related textbooks  for photographs and descriptions of equipment used in a lab setting.